Snap-on Rock N' Roll Cab Express Truck

Maintenance & Repair

Proactive Maintenance Fleet Specialties proactively monitors, maintains and repairs each fleet vehicle throughout its lifecycle. Each vehicle is inspected from bumper to bumper upon arrival for service, including: brake pads; tire wear; fluid levels; engine or other warning lights; and […]

Fleet Specialties - Custom Upfitting Fleet Arrival

Fleet Management

Fleet Specialties supports its business customers by providing fleet management services, maintenance and repairs throughout their vehicles’ life-cycle. Newly acquired vehicles are delivered directly to Fleet Specialties to be brought into service. Fleet Specialties assesses and outfits each vehicle to […]

Fleet Specialties Custom Up-fitting - Electrical Small Van

Custom Upfitting

Products Fleet Specialties offers a full range of custom upfitting products for vans and trucks, including: shelving storage units drawers roof racks partitions flooring and more. Service Additional storage capacity brings with it additional load weight. To ensure maximum safety […]