Fleet Specialties - Fleet Arrival

New fleet vehicles are delivered directly to Fleet Specialties for custom up-fitting and branding

Fleet Specialties supports its business customers by providing fleet management services, maintenance and repairs throughout their vehicles’ life-cycle.

Newly acquired vehicles are delivered directly to Fleet Specialties to be brought into service. Fleet Specialties assesses and outfits each vehicle to meet corporate, provincial and federal safety standards. Back-up alarms are installed and suspensions are upgraded, as required. GPS tracking units are installed and activated.  Each vehicle is custom upfitted to the unique specifications of the trade that will be assigned to the vehicle (e.g., electrical, mechanical, gas fitter, etc.). Fleet Specialties coordinates custom paint and/or lettering of each vehicle. Document packages containing vehicle registration, safety and emergency contact information are placed inside each vehicle.

Once the vehicle is ready, Fleet Specialties delivers it to the business for deployment.

Fleet Specialties monitors each vehicle throughout its life-cycle. Each time a vehicle is brought in for routine service (e.g., oil and filter change), Fleet Specialties performs a bumper-to-bumper inspection to identify immediate and potential future maintenance issues. Vehicle operators are called in for winter and summer tire changeovers to ensure maximum safety. Fleet Specialties monitors the annual safety renewal dates and works with the business to ensure that vehicles receive the proper inspections and renewal stickers prior to expiration. When requested by the business, Fleet Specialties works in partnership with other fleet management programs to ensure that vehicles are repaired and returned to service as quickly as possible.

Fleet Specialties’ detailed work orders support the business’s ability to categorize expenses and evaluate the lifetime ownership costs of specific makes and models. This information can then be leveraged when making future leasing or buying decisions. The goal is to provide a predictive maintenance program that supports the business’s annual budgeting process as well as planning for vehicle replacements and net new acquisitions.