Proactive Maintenance

Fleet Specialties proactively monitors, maintains and repairs each fleet vehicle throughout its lifecycle. Each vehicle is inspected from bumper to bumper upon arrival for service, including:

  • brake pads;
  • tire wear;
  • fluid levels;
  • engine or other warning lights; and more.

Fleet Specialities uses only top-grade fluids, lubricants and parts to maximize reliability and minimize downtown for the client.


Snap-on Rock N' Roll Cab Express Truck

Snap-on Rock N’ Roll Cab Express Truck

Fleet Specialties is equipped to handle virtually any repairs for its fleet clients:

  • Brakes: pads & calipers / drums & rotors, anti-lock braking systems (ABS)
  • Electrical: batteries, starters, alternators, ignition diagnosis and repair
  • Electronic: computerized scanning and diagnostics
  • Engine Repair & Service: diagnostics & repair, fuel injection systems
  • Heating & Cooling: air conditioning, water pumps, radiators, heaters
  • Steering & Suspension: wheels and tires, tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), wheel torque, wheel alignments, shocks & struts, control arms
  • Transmission: automatic and manual

Safety and Emissions Inspections and Renewals

Fleet Specialties is a certified Vehicle Inspection Station in Ontario. Each month we identify the vehicles that are due for annual safety inspections (AKA ‘yellow stickers’) and/or emissions testing. We then work with the client to bring in the vehicle(s) for inspection and to correct any deficiencies identified during the inspection/testing.